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Cheese Factories

Eastern Ontario has a rich cheese-making heritage.  During your visit to the Rideau corridor, stop in at one of these local producers and see how century-old traditions are still at work today in the making of quality Canadian cheese!


Balderson - Premium Aged Cheddar Since 1881

Award-winning Balderson cheddars are internationally renowned for their classic flavour, creamy texture and traditional sharpness.  Skilled cheese makers bring together these characteristics through a century-long tradition of careful, natural aging.

490 Gordon Street, Winchester ON, K0C 2K0

t: 613-259-0202     w:     e:


Forfar Dairy Ltd. - A Tradition in Quality Since 1863

The oldest and smallest independent cheese factory in Eastern Ontario, producing a variety of cow's milk, goat's milk and sheep's milk cheeses.  Visit the factory store for fresh curds still warm from the vat, hand-scooped ice cream, cheese, gourmet food products and more!

1536 County Road 42, Portland ON, K0G 1V0

t: 613-272-2107     w:     e:


Wilton Cheese Factory - Jensen Cheese, Est. 1925

Located just north-west of Kingston, this family-run Canadian company manufactures a complete line of high quality cheddar and other cheese varieties.  Their old-world curing process creates old-fashioned, full-bodied, natural flavours.  See the manufacturing area and enjoy delicious samples.  Groups welcome!

287 Simmons Road, Odessa ON, K0H 2H0

t: 613-386-7314     w:     e: