Rideau Heritage Route
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* Michael Doxey Pottery

26 Colborne St.
Portland, ON
Tel: (613) 272 - 3662

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Michael Doxey has been potting for over 20 years! Come and visit his family at their studio and showroom, learn about pottery making and the lure of wood fired pottery. What is wood firing? In about 1000 BC in China, kilns were built that could fire to 1300 degrees Celsius with wood. When achieving this temperature, the act of wood burning glazes the entire kiln chamber and the pottery therein. Clay and wood ash fuse together in the high temperature and cool to form a glaze on the surface of the pots. The environment of curly flames, flying ash, and intense heat creates unique surface effects. Small mars, glaze imperfections, and variations in colour are all a result of the process and are not found in other firing methods.
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